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I am delighted to Welcome you to your soulfully infused roots transformation!

Let yourself be heard, understood & inspired.

undali Wellness's Soulfully Infused Roots Transformation is dedicated to cultivate your empowered rise into your unique balanced energetic flow of abundant and soulful living. We are living in a time where each door stands fully open & the tools to help guide our steps into our soulfully rooted lives are LIMITLESS. I fully believe that this is a profound moment for you to find & expand your roots to rise into your empowered peace & abundance. It is time to live with an awakened passion to let your light shine brightly and live from the heart. This transformation calls to your uniquely crafted feminine power while holding space for you to rise & grow. 


'Let yourself feel the

Sky above you,

Earth below you & 

Fire within you.' 

in us lives an innate desire for balanced & deep peacefulness.

The bond between the deep roots of our feminine souls and the earth energy that fuels us feels stretched between daily stresses and trying to fit it all in. With the daily ‘to-do’ list growing infinitely & constant comparison to media driven expectations of thriving femininity; the strain on the connection & care for ourselves grows as well. It can be difficult in today’s society to remain true to who we fundamentally are & nurture our authentic beauty while feeling that there is little time or room for us to deviate from the ‘norm’. One of the reasons Sundali Wellness was founded is to extend a supportive hand to transform this strained connection and awaken the beautiful soul within you. Even now when there are so many resources to ‘live your best life’, there is still a deeply rooted hunger for balanced peacefulness within our feminine souls. It is my mission to respond to this hunger and to build bridges between ancient knowledge & the practice of heart-centered language. I also bring awareness to the neglected importance of our connection with nature by honoring & respecting the abundant cycles of earth energy. 

Soulfully Infused Roots transformation is an experience where each aspect of you comes together to expand your roots & rise up into the fullness of life. An environment where you can come home to yourself with individual & community support.

Learn to understand & embrace your unique blueprint as it relates to the world around you. In this space, judgement falls away & the voice of your soulful infusion takes shape.

When we embrace ourselves in the fullest capacity and awaken our potential, we will not only live a significant fulfilling life, we become a cultivated, inspiring and vibrant example for the world. Think of the beautiful souls that look to you each day for strength, inspiration and resolve. Are you fully present and grounded for them right now? The significance of expanding your roots and rising into your balanced energetic flow not only lets your light shine brightly, but it also begins to spark the light in those around you. Can you feel those goosebumps beautiful soul? It’s time to take that energy and amplify the uniqueness of your design for yourself and for the world around you.

What would you do if you had the chance today to leave everything behind that no longer serves you and you could step into your balanced energetic flow?

Sundali Wellness has become a dynamic organization & inspiration for many through curated content and real-life events. Through this platform, I provide supportive community, 1:1 transformative programs, corporate wellness trainings and collaborative masterclass experiences. Each of these programs walk you & your community through the fundamentals of turning stress & anxiety (or anything that holds you back) into strength, while you naturally grow into your own soulful infusion of balanced energetic power. You are able to support a healthier frequency on earth, live a balanced & meaningful life while feeling grounded in the deepest aspects of you. At this place, your light shines brightly and brings light to catalyze inspiration in the world around you. Together, we can make this change the new ‘norm’.

Do you feel your energy shifting? IS it time to root down so you can rise up?

I am here to support & guide you through. This is the time we reclaim you empowered peace and share your vibrant energy with the world!


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.


I am so excited to be connected with you & am looking so forward to our adventures ahead.

My name is Katie Lee, founder of Sundali Wellness Coaching Co. 

 I am committed to helping women cultivate strong roots in balanced energetic flow by calming anxiety and catalyzing empowerment. I am devoted to inspire and guide you.

“I am devoted to the creation and expansion of your truest roots & to awakening the flow of your balanced feminine energy. I am committed to motivate and inspire you.”

When you feel unsettled or that something is missing; it’s because you are waiting to feel into your soulfully infused roots and create your unique brand of empowered living.


any of us want to connect but are tired of filling emotional gaps with empty talk & empty content. It only leads to drawing attention to what is missing from our lives. My programs and community make an effort to inspire & encourage personal and spiritual development in a way that strengthens the well-being of our existence. I am devoted to providing space for women and create experiences that will let you investigate deeper layers of yourself and empower you while you let go of unhealthy patterns. I see & believe that we rise when we are able to connect, create, share and live a life deeply rooted in soul and purpose. I honor nature & recognize how important it is to abundantly connect with earth energy.


I want to share all that I love about nature, Ayurveda, science and soul with you so that you can embrace the limitless sky above you, feel & draw strength from the earth below you and use the fire within you to rise up to your balanced energetic flow…

'I’m here to help you gently but firmly cultivate strong roots balanced in energetic flow by calming the discord within you & calling upon the truest expression of your soul’s purpose – which is often suppressed by the unseen habits that hold us back.'

— Katie Lee, SWCC


Beautiful Soul!

I'm so glad

you're here!

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