My name is Katie Lee. I am committed to helping women cultivate strong roots in balanced energetic flow by calming anxiety and catalyzing empowerment. I am devoted to inspire and guide you.

“I commit myself to the empowered expansion of  you as you rise from your roots to step into your uniquely crafted soul's purpose. Let us cultivate your balanced energetic flow.”

The pure strength that lives in each of us. 

When I remembered the love, beauty, peace and the pure strength that lives in each of us, which is longing to be used to the fullest potential. I have & still learn from different teachers, sources and influences. Mostly, I digest the experiences provided by life itself and learn so that I can teach from the heart.

"I am uniquely crafted & I dance to my own colorful rhythm."

I believe that we should live authentically as ourselves,
rooted & strong, and LOVE unconditionally.

In January 2018 I founded Sundali Wellness Coaching Co, which meant for me creating a space for women to see their obstacles and transform them into sources of power. For women who feel the pull of ‘something missing’ and are ready to reclaim their dynamic strength & purpose. Holding space & creating environments that honor the expressive process of learning how to ground yourself to embrace your unique essence in the fullest capacity. Ever since I can remember, I longed to understand the internal ‘tug’ I felt on my heart. Always reminding me that I needed something more, something greater. I grew to understand that this was my essence, my soul, telling me to listen and embrace what my heart knew it needed. So, I began with going back to nature and then found that each step unfolded from there. I learned how to cultivate heart-centered living, create synchronicity with earth energy and embrace that roots that made me, me. By embodying all aspects of myself, the angst & stress I felt dissipated and now I am called to share this knowledge with each beautiful soul ready to understand themselves on a deeper level to grow into the divinely beautiful woman they are meant to be.


The Soulfully Infused Roots of Sundali Wellness are here for every woman, ready to step out of the shadows & shine in her vibrant balance.

Here’s what I foresee …

When a woman begins the journey to step forward & awaken herself, gently but without holding back any longer, she grows stronger. When a woman learns how to heal herself & expand her roots to stand in her power, she is not afraid to show ALL of her colors. In this space, a woman can live her fullest potential while being unapologetically herself. Instantly, the internal light that was once dim now shines bright and true. It is my calling to inspire, guide and elevate women on this journey, while I also still learn, fall and rise, deepening myself & my knowledge.


I feel honored to have cultivated this space for such beautifully dynamic women to grow and learn from themselves as well as others. With each new lesson about ourselves & the world around us we truly have the opportunity to raise the frequency of healing & authenticity in the world. I treasure this gift into my bones. By connection & inspiration we keep our energy balanced and our souls aligned.


I warmly invite you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. I am here to serve you. Through my community, free content, Soulful Cleanse, Soulfully Infused Roots transformation and anything else I can offer – let today be the day that you root down to rise up into your balanced energetic flow. I am here for you and can’t wait to see you step out of the shadows and into the vibrant essence of you.

I believe that you are born to make a difference in the time you spend on earth. You are here to live your soul’s purpose. You have your own unique gifts to share. And the world is waiting to receive them!

With love & light,

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