Katie is amazing! She continues to inspire me to achieve my goals and live a more intentional life. In just a few weeks, I’ve lost weight and feel genuinely happy. Wish I would have found her sooner!
Becky C. 
I’ve been working with Katie for six months and thanks cannot express the gratitude I have in her. Katie saw how frustrated I was (which honestly I wasn’t totally aware of the extent) at our initial session and over our time has helped me understand, learn and incorporate coping skills, which for me is ensuring that I keep some type of exercise in my weekly routine.  She not only individualized our sessions to my needs, but Katie herself was always prepared, always seemed to have insight on where I was at during our chats and guided me in the direction I needed to go.  Again, I cannot say it enough if you are looking for a Health Coach, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you Katie for all you’ve done for me!
Sue R.
Katie is very knowledgeable in nutrition & exercise. She is an excellent coach. What you will get in your experience with Katie is a caring, non-judgmental, easy to talk to coach who really cares about her clients. So, if you're wanting to change your lifestyle, whether it’s to start your adventure or move on to your next challenge, you can do no better than Katie!
Leslie R.
I am so glad I found Katie. Her positive, caring and enthusiastic approach is contagious. She has helped me explore and refine my goals, and is now helping me achieve them! Her coaching style invites challenge and supports success. She has a wonderful perspective not just on life, but also on LIVING! Thanks, Katie, for helping me to improve my life!
Denise B.
"...thank you again for a great presentation - the social workers are still talking about it..."
Mary Beth D.

We sought out Katie's services to assist in helping my (then) overwhelmed and stressed out high schooler find ways to navigate through daily life and face obstacles common to modern teen life.  We are so grateful to have found Katie!  She is extremely down to earth, easy to talk to and has the biggest heart!  She is a top notch professional, serving up mindful advice, helpful tips, and thoughtful plans you can work with. Katie offers customized tools to try that bring about a healthy balance in the places that seem off kilter.  Our whole family has benefited from the positive light you have shared with us.  Katie is an amazing human- all about nurturing a person as a WHOLE- mind, body and soul! 

Beth R. 

I met Katie two years ago through a triathlon program. She is such a driven person - always learning and moving forward. I turned to Katie during a emotionally challenging time and she was able to help me create a clear framework for taking action, one small step at a time. She is always there to encourage me and celebrate my successes, however big or small. One of Katie’s most remarkable traits is compassion; she has a seemingly endless capacity to care for and listen to others. Having had her share of struggles and triumphs, and having found ways to grow through them all, Katie draws on her unique set of experiences to help those around her rise up. She has a fixed growth mindset and it is infectious!
Jessi M.
I met Katie at the gym and have known her for over a year now.  I learned very quickly that Katie was very easy to talk to and was a big inspiration to me. As a friend and a mentor, she has taught me a lot about fitness, recovery and nutrition.  Along the way she has asked hard questions that make you think about what you are doing, why and where you want to be so that she can understand you better as a person and help you achieve your goals. This is a perfect fit for her and anyone that takes her on as a coach would learn a lot and be truly grateful for the experience!
Natalie H.
I've had EXCELLENT outcomes with the tools that Katie passed on to me! I'm a much more positive person because of her coaching.
Christine S.
I had the opportunity to work with Katie at Sundali Wellness when I decided to change to a healthier lifestyle. She helped me understand the difference between different diet plans compared to low carb, low fat, and how to determine which would best work with my body. She shared several documents that helped me look at food differently. For example, she taught me about the “Magic Plate” when choosing a protein, fats, and vegetables. Plus, it made meal times easier and I can still eat out. I am now able to make better choices and I can still eat the foods I love and still be able to lose weight. Katie taught me to listen to my body when exercising. I didn’t want to get burned out and she gave me tons of suggestions on how to keep my workouts interesting and when to change things up.
Not only did she help me with nutrition and exercise, she helped me with stress reduction and sleep. She shared great meditation ideas that I could use during the day at work and in the evenings before bedtime. I now regularly use the meditation techniques to reduce stress and lead a happier life.
I would recommend Sundali Wellness to everyone. I loved working with Katie. She made me very comfortable and she answered all my questions. I really appreciate the time I got to spend with her. I can continue on my journey with more knowledge about how my body works and she helped me change how I view food.
Jackie E.

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