• Katie Lee

The Importance of Being Uniquely You.

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

According to the tie-dyed sheep.

I'm not the black sheep, I'm the tie-dyed one.

Imagine for a moment that you are light as a feather running through the woods on a trail beautifully lit by the sun. You see the brilliant green of the trees, the shades of brown and grey on the trees, you hear the gentle flowing of creek water and see it glisten in the sun with each twist and turn in the trail.

A memory surfaces and you are suddenly taken back to your early years where your kindergarten teacher asked you, "What is your favorite color?" Remembering this causes a mental jolt and you suddenly stop in the middle of the trail and laugh at your kindergarten self's answer, "I don't know." Your feet start moving on the trail again and you realize that your answer now would be exactly the same; with a much deeper understanding of why that particular response is selected time and time again.

Isn't it great to think about WHY we do things? Depending on your frame of viewing this is often a solid YES/NO or a wishy washy somewhere in the middle answer of some form of middle ground. Disclaimer, this is absolutely not a color analysis to determine your deepest darkest secrets nor uncover all facets of your personality. Rather, it's my take on embarking on the journey of mastery of your own simple truths in a colorful way.

All of my life I really struggled with definitive answers to rather simple questions. When someone asked me what my favorite color was I had a deep internal panic, because I literally could not chose just ONE. My mind was perpetually boggled with wondering, "why just one?". Honestly, I liked all colors for their own unique properties; which seemed to match what was going on in my world on any given day. This mindset can easily be given the labels "moody", "flighty"or "eccentric" (my personal favorite). I was fearful of being labeled anything close to those terms, so while I attempted to figure out answers to simple questions I became a wallflower. Anytime I was asked what my favorite color was my answer was always beige or some variation of that color.

BORING! I chose this color because it meant that I simply didn't have to decide what color best embodied who I was as a person. If I chose something like red, did that mean that I was either aggressive or a hopeless romantic all the time? What if I chose yellow? Did I have to be happy like I was dancing through a field of daisy's every waking moment? I'd heard that geniuses pick green, maybe I should like green. No, I'm not a genius so I can't like green. I didn't fit just one label, so my fail safe color became nice and neutral beige.

The problem with beige was that I always felt like I was incomplete or unseen. By choosing something that caused me to blend in, I no longer felt like I had anything unique about me and the fire that lit up my curiosity and hunger for life slowly faded. I was just a shell of myself surrounded with beige. Beige clothes, shoes, nail polish, car, my home and even my dog. They were all the same color. Sure, it all looked beautifully organized and constant from the outside but I was completely lost on the inside. I was just too overwhelmed to figure out my true label.

After awhile, I found myself missing color. I wasn't sure which one I missed most, but I knew that I missed COLOR. I missed the gratifying element of expression that is ignited by tapping into ourselves at the most basic level. Slowly, I began to accessorize my world with an assortment of colors all safely based on a beige background. This was an intimidating step for me as it meant that I was peeling myself off the hypothetical wall and stepping out into the sunshine and saying, "Hi, I'm Katie. My favorite color is ALL of them."

I learned that I could add color to any area of my life and in any combination that I chose. This discovery came simultaneously with the discovery of myself. I know, it sounds a bit far fetched that such a simple thing could be a key to unlocking the journey to myself. Don't get me wrong, I, like any other living being, will never be finished finding myself. It's an ongoing process that carries its own spectacular transformation over time. However, at this place in my life, understanding that I had a choice to set my own intentions that served me as a unique individual, made all the difference in the world. I had, without realizing it, discovered the color palette of my soul and was already using it to paint the path of my life journey.

Step by step, my journey to self ultimately led me to where I am right now; at my desk writing to you looking at a picture of a tie-dyed sheep next to my cup of coffee. This picture serves as a reminder that the simple truths of our soul exist in a beautiful ever-evolving color palette that is uniquely crafted for each of us. All we really need to do is find our paintbrush and be willing to learn how to paint the story of our lives.

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